Dec 29, 2009

Sexual Reproduction in Rhizopus

Sexual reproduction is by conjugation. Hyphae belonging to different strains (plus and minus strains) come in close contact with one another. Tips of the hyphae are separated by septa from the rest of the hyphae. Each tip contains many nuclei with cytoplasm, mitochondria and food material. The two tips are called gametangia. The walls of the gametangia that are in contact dissolve away allowing the two protoplasts to fuse. The zygote resulting from this fusion develops into a zygospore. Zygospore has a thick wall and is quite resistant to unfavorable conditions. The zygospore will later germinate under favorable conditions. It undergoes meiosis, germinates to produce sporangium which release spores. Each spore can germinate and continue the life cycle.

Conjugation in Rhizopus 


  1. it would be nice if you could also discuss how this conjugation takes place

    1. It's not that hard to understand what conjugation means when we are talking about Sexual Reproduction in Rhizopus. The word conjugation means "The state of being joined together". Here, as you can see in the blog post, is mentioned clearly that Hyphae of different types (plus and minus strains) conjugate or come in contact with one another. Here, to make things clear, I will upload an image too, explaining how this whole process completes. Maybe that will help you understand easily.

      If there is anything else you would like to know, please do not hesitate to comment about it.


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    1. Thanks for your kind words and keep visiting this blog for more useful info.

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    1. Read the blog post, this can also be called as the life cycle of rhizopus.