Oct 1, 2009

Importance of Gymnosperms

Gymnosperms produce Timber (e.g. deodar wood from Cedrus, kail or chir from Pinus), which is excellent building material. Their wood is also used for making furniture and paper products.

Many useful medicines are obtained from Gymnosperms. For example, anticancer drug Taxol is obtained from Taxus. From Gingko, the medicine that is extracted is used to increase the blood flow to the brain. Ephedra is the source of Ephedrine, which stimulates the heart and raises blood pressure. Resins and turpentine are obtained from many conifers

Because of their attractive appearances, many gymnosperms such as Cycas (Kangi Palm), Thuja, Cupresus, and Araucaria are grown as ornamental plants in homes, parks and alongside roads.