May 13, 2017

What Makes Up A Best Blog On The Internet?

Blogs are evidently the most effective and very popular way of obtaining or establishing a voice or presence on the Internet. Apart from eliminating various publishing requirements, any individual desiring to post his/her thoughts online can actually have a free account which includes a blog host already. Individuals don’t have to be well-known or hotshot writers, columnists, or publishers to get their work read online.

So, while gifted with passion to write and post blogs on the Internet, finding a great blog to read can thus be difficult and tricky. Nevertheless, there are certain criteria that can be considered to determine whether a specified blog is either great, good, or poorly written/represented. Basically, a great blog would have an excellent combination of content and design.

Specifically, a good quality blog would have the following five main features. These qualities are as follows.

1. Visual qualities or aesthetics – both content and design of a blog are equally important. Apart from an interesting content, the blog should have its design elements perfectly combined and balanced (e.g., layout, color, fonts, image quality, and more).

2. User-friendly –blog is be easily read and comprehended. Specifically, user-friendliness of a blog is measured by its readability, usability, easy navigation, and how the blog site quickly loads up. 3. Reading pleasure – is essentially measured by having interesting information; a sound tone and voice; and ability to elicit feedback, reaction from or a discussion with online readers.
4. Relevant information – is essentially measured by originality and how information is smartly synthesized from various sources. 5. Inclusive experience – an excellent blog is determined by essential factors, such as visual qualities, reading pleasure, user-friendliness, and relevant information.

Generally, an excellent blog is simply an interesting, enjoyable, aesthetically presented, and note-worthy reading.

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