May 13, 2017

How Blog And RSS Technologies Revolutionized Research Methods And Communication

Everyone knows how the Internet has become a powerful tool in research and communications since its initial launch to the public. It has thus become very popular and widely used by students, educators, librarians, researchers, and many other information users. While providing readable, searchable, and accessible information resource, the Internet also provided two acceptable and widely used technologies, which are blog and RSS (Real Simple Syndication).

Evidently, blog and RSS technologies have improved and simplified the process and method of information gathering online. As a result, most of the readers have become article writers themselves. Such substantial turn of events is noteworthy and is believed to continue and grow even, particularly among students and educators.

By definition, a blog or weblog is a web page that functions as an individual’s accessible personal journal by the public; often reflects the author’s personality and personal preferences. A blog is normally updated daily. RSS, on the other hand, is simply republishing online articles sourced out from other web sites. It is an effective way of popularizing new information resources and updates of particular web sites. Also, RSS is commonly used as links to web site sources.

To how blog and RSS technologies have transformed research and communication tools is basically not surprising. These Internet tools have simply offered easier filter and tracking of constantly growing pool of data and information online. Hence, these enabled students and educators to obtain, process, use, and re-use valuable and relevant information into various ways and forms.

Easy accessibility to vast information online has significantly improved knowledge of both educators and students, therefore resulting for a better and effective communication; improved learning, archiving and publishing of work; creates various avenues for collaborative work; and improved management of information/knowledge.

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