May 13, 2017

Blog Software: Comparison Among Drupal, WordPress, and Expression Engine

Selecting the best and most suitable blog software mainly depends on the very purpose of an author’s blog—his/her abilities and preference on whether to run and manage the blogs solely or collaboratively with other potential authors. There are actually various blogging software currently available but only three are most commonly used by many. The most popular blogging scripts include Drupal, WordPress, and Expression Engine.

Dupral is a free and flexible blogging tool. Though mostly used by many for blogging, Drupal is actually a full-fledged content management system (CMS). This means that the program can be used to running and maintaining an entire web site itself; setting up online forums, shopping carts, normal or static web pages, and more. Apparently, since Drupal is a complete content management system program, it is therefore effortful compared to WordPress, in particular.

WordPress, on the other hand, is also a free and possibly the most popular and well-used blogging software for various potential reasons. Aside from a very easy installation procedure (with newcomers even having no problem learning to operate the software), WordPress includes a lot plugins that are readily available.

Similarly, the Expression Engine (EE) is also an effective and powerful CMS tool used in managing blog or web site. However, unlike Drupal, this software does not require the need of a programmer for some set-up requirements. EE is offered either free (limited version and for personal use only) or through license-benefit.

Generally, Dupral, WordPress, and Expression Engine are all potential and useful blogging software. They all can result to greater resource use. However, selecting the most suitable program requires for an author to compare their list of strengths and weaknesses vis-à-vis the purpose and specified extent ability of the author’s blog site.

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