Apr 15, 2017

Uses of Blogging

The new craze today is Blogging.  Blogging is an online journal.  You can set your own blog at little or no cost at all.    A person who writes a blog and maintains it by adding or removing entries that is called blogging.  In blogging, the author is not called an author but a blogger.  Each piece of what was written is not called as an article but a blog post or entry.  It was in 1995 that blogging started, with the objective of sharing one's thoughts with people that had similar views.  Some do blogging for fun while others use blogging for business reasons.

The following are some uses of blogging: 1. It is use to provide updates.  Customers and clients needs to be updated on changes to your website.  In blogging, you can make announcement on new upcoming product and new related websites. 2. It is used for reviews.  Blogging allows readers to give opinions, advice and personal recommendations on specific products or services related to your field. 3. It is used for personal and business purpose.  It is a great way to keep track of your goals and plans through open writing. 4. It is used as a stress reliever.  Blogging allows you to list down vents, gripes, thoughts.  Most people find writing therapeutic. 5. It is used as a Search Engine Optimization.   6. It is used by moneymakers.  You make money with your blog as you provide readers with quality copy writing and a few affiliate links.

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