Apr 15, 2017

Understanding Video Blog

Video blog is gaining popularity because of its advantage over text-based blogs. Naturally, video blogs are effective tools to attract attention. People prefer to see videos than written blogs.  

Of course, there are also disadvantages. Video blogs needs a lot of server space, which makes it difficult to start. It also takes a lot of time to process and upload video files. Moreover, people can become impatient when loading some video blogs. These are the disadvantages that a video blogger should think about before starting video blogging. But if a blogger thinks that he needs video blogging, here are a few information that could be of help. 

First, video blogs are useful for business for personal branding. Video blogs can be moved from one site to another. This makes it ideal for businesses that want to make some commercials for their products. 

Second,  video blogs can be used to advertise something like a television show. A blogger can used some celebrities to do this or he might want to make some tips on certain topics. 

Third, video blog is a very strong marketing tool for a blogger. All he need is a video camera, which is affordable. If he can’t afford a video camera, he can always use the cheaper webcam and start video blogging. 

Fourth, video blog has zero maintenance cost on the hosting side because streaming bandwidth can be outsourced for free with other video-sharing websites.

Video blogging is more interesting and fun. The good news is that everybody can be a video blogger with just a simple video camera or webcam. 

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