Apr 15, 2017

Understanding the Politics of Politics Blog

The tremendous growth and popularity of blogs made this new form of social media a favorite platform for advocacies and political causes.  These types of blogs came to be known as political blogs.   

The categories of political blogs are limited only by the imagination of people creating a political cause.  However, the most popular political blogs are those that are created for partisan advocacies.  It could be about a party candidate, the environment, human rights, or crime prevention to name just a few.  The blogging world has become a major arena of political propaganda for these advocacy blogs.  A politics blog not just became an alternative medium but an entirely new realm of social communication channel that can effectively sway public opinion for or against an issue or cause.   

Politics blogs also serve as avenues to attract members or adherents to a cause.  The development of software or scripts that enable blog authors to create online registration forms have been used by politics blogs to encourage visitors to sign up for a cause.  In this way, blogs became not just a communication tool but a virtual organizational headquarters that can gather members to generate a physical mass base. 

There are real and present dangers however in creating a politics blog.  This is especially true for blogs authored for rights advocacies or as anti-corruption platforms.  There are cases of blog authors, if the blog has been independently created, being threatened by entities affected by their advocacies.  In some totalitarian countries, sites of political bloggers are being blocked by state authorities and authors have been threatened with prosecution or persecution.  

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