Apr 15, 2017

Tips on Gaining Blog Money

Writing blogs is fun and it is quite easy.  It provides a venue for people to share their everyday experiences with others. It can also be a form of sharing knowledge. But while some do it for enjoyment, there’s no reason why they should not earn from it if they want to. 

The easiest way to earn money from a blog is through Adsense. One simply has to sign up his blog to Google Adsense. Then he would have a choice of which types of ads would appear on the blog. The most obvious choice is those that are relevant to the theme of his blog.  Then as readers and other visitors click on the ads he will start earning. What’s good about this is that registering to Google Adsense is free. And if one is using free blogs, he does not have to spend anything to start earning. He only has to keep on maintaining and adding new content to his blog. He also has to make sure he drives enough traffic to his blog. 

Alternatively one can also join affiliate programs. The same rules apply. One would have to register with the company. Then he would set up the links to the websites on his blog. He gets to earn very time someone clicks on the link. And when someone buys something while on the website, he also earns a percentage of the purchase price.  

One other way is using the blog to sell his own products or services. By having his own blog, he will be able to explain what his products do or how they will benefit the customers. And by accepting comments, he will get a chance to get feedback. He can then improve the products and hopefully serve customers and earn better as well.

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