Apr 15, 2017

Things to Know About Blog Comments

If you are using a blog as your personal online diary, blog comments will not be a good thing unless you think you could share them with people you are so close with.  Yes, blog can be shared to a selected readers and sometimes can be posted and viewed by many.

Most blogs provide commentary or news on a particular subject.  It wouldn’t be an effective blog if it won’t be interactive.  Blog is supposed to be an interactive website where readers could leave comments, tips or impressions about the site or a specific article written.  One of the most exciting  blog features is posting comments.  Blog used to provide limited source of information, however it has been found to be a great way to communicate and get information on business, education, politics, photos, and even your favorite celebrities.

It is important that blog comments are posted in a friendly manner.  Not all blog comments are approved by the blog owner. Therefore, make sure that your blog comment will be read and be approved by the owner, thus you and the blog owner are both benefited.  You surely would not want to waste your time posting and sharing your views, if your blog comments will not be posted.

Blogs have a method that allow visitors to leave comments.  There also ways for authors of other blogs to leave comments even without visiting the blog.  This is called the "pingbacks", linkbacks  or "trackbacks".  It is a method that authors used to request notification when somebody links to one of their documents.  These kind of blog comments are considered as blog spam, where authors post useless comments to advertise and draw higher page rank in the search engine.

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