Apr 15, 2017

Search Your Blog and Ranking

If you wish to do serious business or promoting your products using blog, you need to maintain and update your blog.  Many people found interesting ways to make money with their blogs.   To add Google ads is one great way to make some money and at the same time having ads on your blog, which are relevant to the topic at hand. This works as Google places an ad or link on the pages of the blog, and if a reader clicks on the ad, the blogger is paid a set amount for each ad.   A click will not make a blogger a millionaire, but if the blogger continues to provide great material on the blog, visitor will continue to read the blog and even click, thus earning blogger more money.

Competition is everywhere.  You have to make your blog informative and a stand out.  You will be buried with competition if you do not do anything to promote your site and let people aware of your blog.  You will need web traffic to determine the ranking and the ratings of your blog.  Search engines deliver Web traffic.  They are necessary in terms of advertising.  You would need to go for effective Blog Search Engine to get good quality web traffic.

Blog Search Engine provides the indexing of  blogosphere. They give special focus on high quality blogs.  Blogs under Blog Search Engine are categorized according to reader’s interest.  Blog authors or blogger, can add blog for free by submitting blog on the Blog Search Engine website.  They have menus, which include new listings, hot listings, top rated, and editor pick blog.   They also have add listing, update listing and get rated menus for bloggers who wish to get a free rating system of their blog.

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