Apr 10, 2017

Perhaps Blog Could Remedy Stress

Modern technologies have created a society that is always on the rush.  These technologies gave birth to a shrinking global community that is always awake 24/7.  That is why modern information workers have to catch up with these developments and set aside their personal time.  Social stress therefore climbed to alarming levels.

Fortunately, modern communication technology also created a good channel to counteract stress.  And one good channel is blogging.  When blogging was introduced and became popular, most people wondered if it could help ease the increasing stress levels of modern information workers.

Perhaps blogs could remedy the tensions of daily life.  Writing personal reflections and publishing it are good ways to relieve stress and tension.  People will have a ready medium to write on their experiences and get satisfaction from it.  This is especially rewarding if other people who use the Internet find the blog material useful for their own purposes.  Authors therefore can have an increased sense of self-worth thus opening up a new horizon for them.

Blogging can provide new meaning to everyday activities.  In the past, these stressful activities could be dreaded events that cause stress and tensions.  Because of blogging, daily activities became a challenge because people will look forward to blog their work-related challenges.  

Instead of brooding after a hard day’s work, bloggers can write about their activities and express what they felt.  In this way, blogging can become a therapeutic activity for most people.

Perhaps blog can really remedy the stress of daily living.  If used correctly, blogs can encourage people to become more productive.

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