Apr 15, 2017

Free Blog Service

There are hundreds of thousands of people around the world today, have their own free blogs.  Blogs are  designed for personal or business purposes.  You may not be aware of this, but a an increased number of bloggers are making serious cash from blogs being hosted by known free blog sites like Blogger, Tripod, Yahoo, Google or America Online.  

It only takes two minutes to create your own blog and it is not difficult to set it up.  These free blog websites provide steps for interested blogger.  These include creating an account, naming your blog and selecting your blog look or settings.

Free blog websites have their own set of terms and conditions for bloggers.  Inasmuch as it offers free service, they enforce conditions to ensure that the website blog will be troubled free.  Such violations may include posting of unfriendly comments, obscene photos or videos.  Members of the free blog website who violates will have their blogs deleted without prior notice.  

There is an account limit set on free blog website.  Blog account comes with 100 MB of disk space and 3 GB of data transfer per month.  Most often, free blog website do not require any software download or install but just a web browser.  The address of your existing Blog site cannot be changed, thus you will need to create a new account should you want to have a new Blog site.  They also have a support team to help members on questions they need answers.

So, why pay a blog site when there are blog sites that offer free service.

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