Apr 15, 2017

Blog This! A Cool Way to Create Links

Blog writing has become a part of many people’s daily activities. People update their blogs almost every day. Many even do it several times a day. They write blogs even when on mobile whether they are on vacations, on their way to a business trip or attending a conference. 

Well, that’s the beauty of blog writing. One can write blogs anywhere they go and whenever they want or need to. And with the latest telecommunications technology it’s really possible using laptops, PDAs and smart phones.  

Updating blogs has even been made easier through the Blog This! feature. One simply has to place the Blog This! link on the link bar of his browser and he will have a shortcut to the create entry page of his blog. In effect, one is able to add content in fewer steps. 

Another Blog This! feature is that one which is seen below blog entries. If one wants to blog about a certain blog, he would click this button. And provided he is signed in his blog, he would be taken directly to the create entry page of his own blog. It will then serve as a shortcut to one’s own blog. But in addition to that, a link to the original blog would also be found below the blog entry. There would also be a trackback on the original blog to inform the owner of the original blog about the blog that was written about his blog.  

This is really quite a great feature. For blog writers and owners, it is a good way to create links to his blog. On the part of the readers, they will also be more informed about the related blogs.

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