Mar 25, 2017

The Best Blogs and the Politics Behind Blogs

When we talk about the best blogs ever, we are also talking about its influence to the readers because of the politics behind them.

The influence of politics in blogs is very distinct in the form of the readers’ contribution and the output produced by bloggers themselves that came from their interaction with other bloggers.

An ordinary blog becomes powerful once it crosses bridges under specific circumstances. This is because the best of blogs nowadays have the power to socially construct an agenda or frame that needs to be interpreted. Such schemes (agenda and interpretative frame) are the essential elements in overpowering the mainstream media and which in turn shapes and controls the larger political concerns and issues.

And since blogs are placed in a larger context of network analysis (since they contain blog links) media professionals actually take part by giving the bloggers and the audiences their blog preference.

The growth of number of blogs grows with difficult issues that become inputs in the study of politics. However, why is it the blogs is considered to be influential, that it can actually draw attention among its readers and the mainstream media? The answer would be: because it can draw meaningful conclusions in spite of blogosphere not having centralized organization.

The power and politics of blogs do not rely on the ideological consensus among all the participants. Rather, the capabilities and access of bloggers to persuasive language which make them well-versed in politics. So, the best blogs are capable of conducting forum and public debate and can aggregate any kind of information and issue. Hence, blogs are powerful sources of any interpretative frames that deal with political developments. 

Online Blogs and Blogging Practices That Bloggers Do

The ongoing cycle that happens in online blogs is: the connection of blogs found or maintained by people through reading other blogs of friends, colleagues never stops because of the inclusion of the URLs and links on the blog itself. This is possible because blogging software actually reserved a space on the blog site called “blogrolling” that represents interesting blogs. And as we take a closer look on what blogging practices that take place we will come up with thousand results.

However, some bloggers admit that they actually publish multiple posts a day while others post once a month only. If other people do not run out of things and thoughts to share other bloggers struggle to say something. On the other hand, some bloggers feel guilty about hurting other blogger’s feelings hence they stop blogging. Or to some extent a certain blogger encounters blog burnout and just decides to bring his or her blogging activity to an end.

Other bloggers dedicate their time in producing high quality materials and remarkable diversity of blog contents that can possibly discuss issues on science and health, diseases and medicines, science education, and so on. Such contents can be taken from the blogger’s daily reading materials and incorporating his or her ideas into the article that is found to come up with something relevant.

Online blogs also portray the unmediated stream of consciousness of the bloggers wherein they can talk about their connection with other people and deliver their communiqué to audiences that recognize their feelings toward certain issues.

Finally, there are also some bloggers who purposely manipulate their audiences because they are blatantly aware that their blog is actually intended to the public or a specific kind of audience. This usually opens the lines for further communication and interaction.

Business Blogs That All Entrepreneurs Should Bookmark

In business, leadership and management are two synonymous and significant concepts that every entrepreneur should be aware of. Entrepreneurs who breathe and live through reading business blogs enjoy every detail and information they read when entrepreneurs-turned-bloggers share their thoughts and successes to the people who are trying to follow their footsteps.

In order for an entrepreneur to strengthen their business acumen they should probably put on their list to do to read or maintain a business blog that deals with the essential elements of successful and still growing organizations and enterprises. Business blogs can be all about:

1. Leadership blogs like CEO blogs, extreme leadership blogs, blogs of community leaders, management craft blogs, leadership values blogs, and other blog sites that help organizations, managers, business leaders, business trailblazers  and business consultants to provide learning environment in business leadership and management to the reading public.

2. Creativity and Inspiration blogs that talks about the ideas that make business fail and become successful; blogs that inspire people; blogs that are written by entrepreneurs around the world; blogs that discuss innovation, goals, creativity; blogs of wellspring ideas for entrepreneurs; and blogs from practical entrepreneurs who were able to prevent or overcome the impracticalities of business world.

3. Self-Awareness blogs that contain resources and books about leadership and management, entrepreneurs’ behaviors, quotations from successful business/bloggers and blogs about people who were transformed because of wider knowledge and experience that they got.

4. Development, Marketing, and Finance blogs that contain business strategies, tips, lessons, leadership information, doses of leadership management, sustainable products and services, business politics,  financial information, and so on.

5. Using Technology blogs, Getting Results blogs, Branding blogs, Women and Business blogs that talk about other variables that affect the overall success or failure of businesses. 

Popular Blogs Due to Market, Politics, Products, and Entertainment Commentaries

Something becomes popular because it provides overwhelming information; the same thing goes to recognizing popular blogs. Blogs become popular because the author mainly addresses issues concerning the market, politics, products, and entertainment matters. And behind every blog’s popularity is definitely a high-paying adsense keywords.

In this case, let us have the top 10 most popular blogs that were rated according to the authority and influences that the blog possesses.

1. The Breaking News and Opinion on the Huffington Post which typically adheres to political issues and world news.

2. The TechCrunch that mainly talks about profiles and reviews of the newest internet products and companies.

3. The Gizmodo, the Gadget Guide which by what the title suggests the blog about anything about gadgets like reviews, photos, helpful articles, and anything about what technology has to offer.

4. The Engadget is a blog that is all about the latest and breakthrough gadgets. Articles, breaking news, and other feature stories are provided in this that is all about gadget and its role in technology, entertainment, lifestyle, gaming, finance, and sports.

5. The Boing Boing which is a blog that tackles cultural curiosities and interesting technologies of the world’s varying cultures. 6. The Lifehacker, tips and downloads for getting things done blog is all about how to do things in smarter and efficient way.

6. The Lifehacker, tips and downloads for getting things done blog is all about how to do things in smarter and efficient way.

7. The Ars Technica is also a blog that inform people about the Art of Technology and features like news, analysis, and in-depth coverage of the technology itself.

8. The ReadWriteWeb blog that is responsible in providing Web technology news, reviews and analysis of technological products and the companies that manufactured the products.

9. The Icanhascheezburger blog that offers a wideranging information about cats and other animals that include stories, photos, and funny quotes.

10. The Mashable! blog has been recognized as the number one social networking and social media news blog in the world.

Green Blogs and Its Influence To The World

When we talk about environmental news, climate reports, e-recycling, green products with green performance features, and other subject matters about the Earth that we live in, green blogs are at your service. On the other hand, green bloggers are the right people to consult with.

Green blog is also synonymous with the environmental world. In fact, green blogs are making their way in attracting more and more readers as compared to environmentally oriented print magazines and journals. The green blogs as an avenue for readers who make their dialogues about environmental matters is an effective tool of communication since it is a free-from exchange of ideas and thoughts among bloggers and the readers as well.

The zeitgeist shift seen in green blogs is only a proof that the idea of living in a green world is very much welcomed by many. This makes climate issues a very sensational and seriously-taken challenge to the people of the world. And then, more and more greener topics were brought out since people get more interested in green fashion, green product design, green buildings, and other green products and services.

The comparison and relationship that a green blogger came up with what exactly is a green blog can be summarized into one term: ecosystem.

Environmental blogs are even comprised of mainstream organizations that have their communication through forums and other form of interactive communications about green issues. Also, the theories and practices of green business are also a great hit in green blogs; hence, their influence in the business scenes is great. And who could imagine that green blogs can be so wide-ranging that every life-saving matters are being discussed on green blogs?

Finally, the green blogosphere is already relentless in dominating the mainstream media and even successfully filling in the gaps among other mediums.